Ready to become the woman you're meant to be?

Align with your truth, purpose and power.

I'm Ready.

A One of a Kind Transformational Experience

There Is A Version of You...

That already exists deep within that is confident, compassionate, curious and courageous.

Can you feel her? 

... She knows who she is and moves through the world with ease.

... She trust herself fully and leads with an open heart.

... She loves deeply and soothes the souls around her with her warmth and strength.

... She feels all of her feelings and navigates the ups and downs of life with grace.

... She is connected to her purpose and leaves a positive impact in her wake.

... She walks with confidence, radiates joy and is grounded in her truth.

... She is limitless, powerful, aligned with her soul and makes her wildest dreams come true.


She is waiting for you to set her free...

Welcome to the Live Free Lifestyle.

A 12-week journey to embody your most aligned and empowered self with Leah Brathwaite

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"WORKING WITH LEAH WAS AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY FOR ME... The Live Free Lifestyle gave me the structure I needed to move through a lot of my own limiting beliefs. By the end I felt so encouraged, empowered and supported in taking the next steps for me and in launching into the world in a new way."

Komal Minhas

"ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE MADE... When I reflect back on where I was right before I signed up for this program and now, I feel so transformed. I have gained so much and I am stepping into the next chapter with deep clarity and courage to live the life I always dreamed of living."

Marisa Ribordy

"I HAVE LEVELLED UP... I signed up initially because I felt really lost, really confused, not myself. Now I have more clarity, more confidence, courage and love for myself than ever before. I'm so incredibly grateful to have gone through this program."

Lizzie H.

Who Will You BEcome?

What if you could...

... build unshakable self-trust and use your intuition to guide and inspire your life.

... regulate your nervous system and feel inner peace instead of anxiety.

... clarify your boundaries and ask for what you want with ease.

... understand your emotions and deepen your relationships.

... release fear and move forward with courage.

... heal your heart and let go of past pain.

... open to love fully.

... step into your purpose and make a difference in the world.

... align your energy and powerfully magnetize the life you dream of for yourself.

Embody the most authentic, abundant and attractive version of yourself inside of the Live Free Lifestyle ~ a 12-week transformational journey to reconnect you with your soul and align you with your truth, purpose and power.

Let the Journey Begin

"THE LESSONS, THE EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN PRICESLESS... Leah and her program not only helped me learn that I could have a more fulfilling life, but gave me the tools to get there! It's so empowering to know I get to have the life I didn't think was possible, deal with the hurt I had and move forward and listen to ME!"

Anne P

"YOU WON'T REGRET THE FEELING. IT TRULY IS FREEING...It's an "eyes-wide-open" approach that went much deeper than I imagined it could or would. Leah is extraordinary & supportive, connected and not afraid to tell the truth and say the things that will push and challenge your thinking. If you're unsure, take the leap."

Alex R.

"I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR MY DECISION TO LIVE FREE... The Live Free Lifestyle experience helped me uncover so many truths I had been denying. Through following the curriculum, doing the work and being supported every step of the way, I have found myself and now have great tools to slow my mind, make clear decisions and live a life aligned for me."

Kate B

'Can You Remember...

Who you were before the world told you who to be?'

-Charles Bukowski

As Women,

We've been sold a story of how we're supposed to show up in the world. 

We're taught to fit in and fall in line with a smile.

Do's and Don'ts to be seen as good...

Checklists and ladders to measure our success...

Mainstream media to determine what we need and how much value we have.

These are the guidebooks society has given us to find happiness, but more often than not when we finally get what we want off the list, it ends up feeling empty and unfulfilling soon after.

Life becomes a never ending hamster wheel of desire and disappointment because it all feels so... disconnected.

Many of us have forgotten who we really are.

We don't know what we really want.

We've abandoned our truth to keep the peace.

We've suppressed our voices to avoid stepping on toes.

We've traded our passion for practicality and our magic for logic.

And while we try to hold it all together for everyone else, we lose ourselves and our true purpose in life.

But this isn't who you really are.

There's a wildly passionate, creative and inspired version of you humming below the surface, aching to come alive and be set free.

Every once in a while you catch a glimpse of her in a fleeting moment of flow when you're deeply engaged in something you love.

Or you spot a reflection of her in another woman you admire or perhaps even envy.

And you remember.

You hear the whisper from your soul... "You came here for a reason..."

You sense it in your heart... burning to feel, to flow and to find your way to true meaning and deep connection.

You know deep in your core... you are meant for more.

And the call to break free from all that is holding you back is getting louder.

If you feel these words resonating in your body... this journey is for you.
I'm Ready to Join

There's Another Way.

How the Live Free Lifestyle is Different

A unique, one-of-a-kind combination of tools, teachings and practices to align your mind, body, heart and soul so that you become the conscious and empowered creator of your most extraordinary life.


We bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind with specific mindset reprogramming techniques.

We apply the ancient spiritual wisdom of the chakra system to create energetic alignment and magnetism.

We heal the heart and enhance emotional intelligence through inner child, shadow work and practical psychology.

We integrate it all on a cellular level through conscious connected breathwork to embody transformation.

"I GOT SO MUCH MORE THAN I EVER COULD HAVE WISHED FOR... Leah helped me pinpoint the root causes behind my unhealthy patterns and reassure me in my strength and ability to narrate a new story. I cannot wait to see what's in store for me and through the Live Free Lifestyle I have confidence in my ability to navigate every twist and turn along the way."

Miranda A

"THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP YOU FIND YOUR WAY... The Live Free Lifestyle shifted my mindset and showed me that I am a sovereign woman who is fully allowed to trust her intuition, love herself fully and drop the need to people please. I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement in my life. I'm in love with who I am and who I am becoming."

Meg C

"I'M STILL REAPING THE BENEFITS... The Live Free Lifestyle reminds you that everything you need to feel fulfilled has been inside you all along; you just need to be brave enough to find it. It's pushed me into manifesting more of what I want and need to truly live free and embody the woman I truly am. I could not be more grateful."

Geri B

The Experience

Held inside an intimate community of powerful women, you'll re-discover your true self, reprogram your limiting beliefs and free yourself to be the woman you were born to be.
By the end our our time together you will have the clarity, confidence and courage to make your dreams your reality.

Detailed Curriculum

Detailed weekly curriculum gives you the structure for success and a proven, step-by-step process to clear stuck patterns, reprogram limiting beliefs and activate your highest potential.

Live Mentorship

Live weekly coaching calls offer guidance and direction through your entire experience and instant messaging through a private chat app ensures that you're never lost or stuck along the way.

Community Support

The container of an intimate, like-minded group of women provides space for celebrating sacred sisterhood and the chance to form lifelong bonds as you journey together.

But...This journey is not for the faint of heart.

You will be challenged to dive deep into uncovering the real you and you'll be lovingly supported as you reclaim and step into your power.

The Live Free Lifestyle IS for you if...

  • you're ready to get un-stuck and up-level the way you move through life.
  • you are aware of some of your limiting patterns, but don't know how to fully operate beyond them.
  • you're uncertain or unclear about your path and want to align with the best possible way forward.
  • you're ready to face your shadow and once and for all create a loving relationship with yourself.
  • you want to feel alive, fulfilled and free in your life.
  • you understand that change can be uncomfortable, even when it's positive, and you're up for a challenge if it means reaching your highest potential.
  • you want to create a positive impact in the world around you and make a difference in peoples lives.
  • you're open-minded, coachable and willing to make yourself a priority.
  • you want to learn how to confidently show up as your best self and be fully supported through a transformational process.
  • you're committed to your personal development and growth and are prepared to invest in yourself to create the future you want.

This journey is NOT for you if...

  • you don't want to take responsibility for your own growth.
  • you want a quick fix and aren't open to following a clear and simple step-by-step approach.
  • you're not willing to dedicate 12 weeks to focus on yourself and your future.
  • you don't feel like you have any limiting beliefs or sabotaging patterns.
  • you're confident that you can figure it out on your own and don't see the benefit of having support, guidance and community around you.
  • you're not willing to be challenged or get uncomfortable even if it means expanding into your potential.
  • you prefer to be influenced rather than make an impact yourself.
  • you're not willing to invest time, energy and resources into creating the future you desire.

Come Home to Your True Self.

Imagine where you could be...

in 12 weeks from now with a proven process, clear and loving guidance and a community of inspiring women supporting you.

Become the woman you came here to be.

The life of your dreams is waiting on you to embody the woman who creates it.

All it takes for you to find your wings is a leap of faith.

If you feel your heart stirring, the time to fly is now, love.


The Journey Begins









Your Journey Includes:

  • 12 weeks of  in-depth curriculum delivered to you through an exclusive online learning portal (including video instruction, guided meditations + visualizations and weekly soul work assignments) 

  • 12 live mentorship calls with Leah Brathwaite (recorded for you to watch back anytime)

  • 3 live conscious connected breathwork sessions with Marisa Ribordy (LFL alumni & breathwork facilitator)

  • Private access to the group community chat (NOT a Facebook group)

  • Community of loving, supportive women on this journey with you to co-create the most expansive experience (priceless!)

  • Up-level and embody the woman you are meant to be!
  • Access to the curriculum for one full year.

+ BONUS Guest Teacher Workshops

Your Investment : $3,333 USD

payment plans are available, prices may vary


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