Money Mindset Mastery Workshop

A leading edge conversation about money, worthiness and wealth.

This workshop experience will change the way you look at money forever.

Rewire your beliefs around abundance to create a new money mindset rooted in worthiness and wealth instead of limitation and lack.

If you have a complicated relationship with money, this workshop is for you!

Your mind is your most powerful tool for creation. It can either hold you hostage and create chaos or it can be your greatest ally in manifesting your dreams.

Understanding how your mind works, de-activating the stories keeping you stuck and programming your mindset with new beliefs will completely change the game for you.

In Money Mindset Mastery, you'll learn exactly how to rewrite your money story to align with the wealth you desire,

AND feel more clear, confident and capable around money.

What You'll Get Inside:

A 90 minute Workshop Experience {live recording} covering the energetic, emotional and practical steps to write a new money story no matter where you're starting from!

MMM Will Help You:

  • make more money through alignment
  • feel less pressure and contraction around money
  • feel lighter and more free when it comes to money
  • Be more confident spending AND receiving
  • Stop letting money control how you feel
  • Become a match for wealth
  • Create the code to unlock your limitless potential when it comes to making money.

Master your Money Mindset and align with your new money story with worthiness and wealth.

Change your mind, change your money reality!

See You Inside! πŸ’ΈπŸ”

xx Leah

Please Note: This purchase is non-refundable. No part of this program may be copied, transcribed, repurposed, shared or sold without express consent of Live Free Lifestyle Inc.

$197.00 USD

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