TEN BODIES Immersion

A 10-Day Journey to Meet Your Multidimensional Self and Activate Your Potential Through Kundalini.

It may appear as if you only have ONE body, but according to ancient Kundalini wisdom, you actually have TEN!

Each one playing a specific and integral role in how you operate in life. Knowing how to balance each of your ten bodies allows you to experience inner harmony, profound healing and the limitless potential of your whole self.

It's been said: "If you understand that you are ten bodies, and you are aware of those ten bodies, and you keep them in balance, then the whole Universe will be in balance with you." 

Studying the Ten Bodies has allowed me to understand how to make better decisions, how to increase magnetic attraction, and gave me protection from other people's negativity, and so much more! I want to share this profound and transformative wisdom with you!

xx Leah 🫶🏽🌀✨


What You'll Get in This 10-Day Immersion: 

  • A comprehensive introduction to the power of Kundalini

  • 10 pre-recorded lessons taking you through each body and how to maximize its potential in your life

  • 10 powerful and unique Kundalini Activations to help you anchor in each lesson and body

  • LIFETIME ACCESS! to come back to whenever you need to reactivate your power


What You'll Experience in 10 days : 

  • release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs
  •  feel deep inner peace
  • activate powerful insights and visions
  • clear your mind and inspire creative solutions
  • open to new solutions and synchronicities
  • heal on a deep soul level
  • experience yourself in a way you've never felt before. 


What People Are Saying:

“Such an intense yet amazing experience” 

“feeling so much compassion, grace and gratitude for myself” 

“such a calming and grounding experience” 

“The energy flowing in, through and out, goosebumps all over, still!”


“I was able to make a step towards a solution once I was clear minded” 


“I loved this practice so much” 

“you’ve given me the gift of Kundalini yoga as the ‘embodiment’ of my journey’"

A Message From Your Teacher:

I'm so excited to get to share these powerful Kundalini teachings and activations with you and show you how they can transform your life in just 10 days!  I'll meet you inside! xx

Leah Brathwaite

$799.00 USD