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Get everything you need to discover your purpose, activate your gifts and create the life you dream of all in one place.

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Real transformation takes action, but you’re not in this alone. Take control of your life with support for your mind, body, and Soul. Everything you need to unlock your potential, awaken your creativity, get clear on your path and live as your most authentic, abundant and aligned self.

  • Life changing, in-depth transformative programs
  • Live support Q+A and coaching
  • Curated monthly workshops
  • Private community spaces
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The Live Free Lifestyle Program gave me the structure I needed to move through a lot of my own limiting beliefs. By the end I felt so empowered and supported in taking the next steps for me and launching into the world in a new way.

Komal Minhas

Business Strategist, Interviewer, Impact Investor

Imagine if...

  • Your life is everything you want it to be - your work is fulfilling, your relationships are thriving and you feel wealthy, worthy and whole.

  • You wake up feeling deeply connected to your calling and you make a difference by sharing your gifts with the world.

  • You're crystal clear on where you're going in life and you have the confidence to go after what you want.

  • You feel totally supported and capable to start a new chapter, step into your next level and make your dreams come true.

  • Your magic is ignited and you feel incredibly inspired by your purpose and intuition.

  • You no longer doubt yourself because you know exactly how to tap into your power and let your energy lead.

  • You're calm, grounded and irresistibly magnetic and life just keeps getting better and better for you.

This isn't a fantasy, it's how your life is meant to be. And it totally can be...

Is This You?

  • You're a healer, leader, creator or coach that gets amazing results for your clients, but can't seem to work your magic on yourself.
  • Or maybe you're in a 9-5 job that drains you and you dream of breaking free so you can pursue your passion, but you can't see a way out.
  • You've gone through (or are going through) a spiritual awakening/dark night of the Soul and now find yourself facing in a new direction, but are unclear on your path ahead.
  • You've tried other coaching programs and courses, but you didn't quite get the results you hoped for, or you just didn't finish them.
  • You know you're meant to help people and share your wisdom with others, but feel stuck in imposter syndrome, self-doubt and insecurity.
  • You love personal development and are always looking for ways to grow into your potential, but you find yourself getting overwhelmed and pulled in different directions following multiple people for different things.
  • You want to thrive in all aspects of your life and get to know yourself on the deepest level.

If any of these resonate, you're in the right place.

Let me introduce you to...


The ultimate resource for life and self mastery. A monthly membership that offers you everything you need to awaken your Soul and live as your most authentic, aligned and abundant self.


What's Inside...

The Ultimate Life Mastery Membership:

Find clarity, direction and purpose.

Heal your past, empower your present and create a future you love. My signature program to help find your authentic truth and embody a life of purpose, passion, freedom and joy.

8 modules, meditations + workbook -value $1,597

Uncover what makes you unique.

Discover yourself through Human Design. Learn about your energy type, your best way to make decisions, your path of least resistance to success and how your purpose is expressed.

4 modules + workbook exercises - value $444

Share your gifts with the world.

Align who you are with what you do for Soul aligned success in your work. Tap into your unique Human Design Blueprint for more magnetism and flow in life and business.

8 modules + workbook - value $1,497

Master manifestation.

Learn exactly how to raise and align your frequency to attract what you desire through the art and science of Conscious Manifestation.

8 modules, meditations + workbook - value $1,497

Release your money blocks.

Uncover your hidden money blocks and rewrite your money story from limitation and lack to worthiness and wealth .

1 module + workbook exercises - value $199

Create inner peace and confidence.

This 40-day challenge will help you master meditation and make it a powerful part of your daily routine whether you're a beginner or an expert.

40 lessons + practices - value $699

Meet your spiritual self.

Discover the 10 unique aspects of your multidimensional spiritual self. Activate the full power of your pure potential energy through this 10-day Kundalini immersion. 

10 lessons + practices - value $799

Face any challenge with courage.

Build your confidence, capacity and compassion to navigate conflict, chaos and change with grace, courage and ancient Kundalini wisdom.

5 lessons + practices - value $499

Revolutionize your financial well-being.

Reprogram your limiting beliefs around money, embody abundance and create true prosperity through a powerful Kundalini prosperity practice and mindset work.

40 lessons, practices + workbook - $1,497

Ready to make your dreams come true?


limited introductory price

  • Complete access to the full library of life changing, in-depth transformative programs
  • Live support Q+A and monthly coaching
  • Curated monthly workshops
  • Private community spaces
  • 5-Day FREE Trial
  • All access pass

The power of personal & spiritual development at your fingertips.

Learn On Your Own Terms

Go at your own pace. 

The All Access Pass is housed in its own native app away from the distractions of social media, but with the accessibility of any device, anywhere in the world, anytime. Choose any program to start and dive into your potential today! 

Get Support When You Need It

Get your questions answered.

Submit your questions and get answers when you need them. Plus get access to live monthly coaching calls with Leah and receive personalized support to go even deeper and fast track your progress.

Stay Accountable & Motivated

Eliminate self-doubt.

It's easy to lose steam and feel lonely in most self-study programs. What makes the All Access Pass different is that you're not alone on the journey! Journal your progress and track your happiness right in the app. Meet others on a similar journey and join in live monthly workshops to stay inspired and connected.



We don't come across it very often these days, and I was starved for it; the magic of the Universe and of the spiritual world. Of hearing our own inner truth and guidance over that of the busy world. Before the program, I was still very attached to the past, but didn't fully realize it. It helped me let go enough to embrace the beauty and possibility of the unknown.

Alena M.

Writer, Healer, Somatic Coach 

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limited introductory price

  • Complete access to the full library of life changing, in-depth transformative programs
  • Live support Q+A and monthly coaching
  • Curated monthly workshops
  • Private community spaces
  • 5-Day FREE Trial
  • All access pass

Meet Your Mentor

Leah Brathwaite

Author, Soul Advisor, CEO

Leah Brathwaite is an author, Soul Advisor, Kundalini Instructor and Human Design guide. She’s the founder of Live Free Lifestyle Inc, a personal and spiritual development and lifestyle brand that helps high achievers connect with and live into their full potential and purpose.

After emancipating from nearly three decades of of repressive religious indoctrination, navigating disability, depression and divorce and starting her life over from scratch at 30, Leah has learned valuable tools, lessons and practices to heal, get unstuck and create a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy. She teaches her transformative methods and perspectives through her writing, courses and consulting. Combining spirituality, practical psychology and metaphysics in her work, she creates unique opportunities for others to tap into the deepest truth of their Souls and find their own answers to their life’s big questions. 

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